It truly matters to us that your awards and gifts fit your personality and those of the recipient.

We know your order MATTERS. Anyone can choose a few trophy parts or award plaques, put them together and charge you bottom dollar. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you order from businesses whose goals are based solely on volume and quick turn around times. At Trophies Plus we’re different.  When you win a contest, we want the prize to be something you’ll want to showcase for years and tell your friends about. When we work on a memorial, we want you to cry because it touched you so deeply and honors the memory of the one you lost. These are the things that make us happy and these are the things that truly matter.



We carry a wide selection of trophies including cups, resins, column and figurine. Let us design a unique one of a kind trophy for you to present for any special recognition or achievement.



A wide selection of plaques that include perpetual, medallion, resin, acrylic, stand-up and classic wood that are uniquely created for you to present for any special occasion or recognition.



Choose from a large selection of medals along with a variety of colored neck ribbons. Award your recipient with a medal that can be displayed or worn around the neck.



Selection of ribbons to commemorate any occasion. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. We can also do custom designs to specifically meet your needs.


Corporate Awards

A selection of awards ranging from plaques in a variety of colors and finishes to elegant acrylics in many shapes and sizes along with a wide selection of gifts.


Personal Gifts

We carry a selection of gifts that can be personalized with an appreciation or congratulation message of your choice. Choose that special gift from a variety of categories that include wedding, baby and many more.

Did you know we even print custom iphone cases?

We do so much more than trophies!  That’s where the PLUS in our name comes from.  Luggage tags, name badges, engraving and printing…you’ll be surprised at all we can do for you.

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