You’d be surprised to find out just how many types of products can be engraved.  However, as with any process, there are some limitations:

Some metal surfaces, especially inexpensive silver-plated gifts, have impurities on the core metal before they are plated.  If the impurities are not removed properly before the plating process begins, the silver does not create a solid bond to the core metal.  This is often impossible to see before engraving. Once the engraver hits an impure bond, the plating can flake up and fall off.  This rarely happens but it is possible.  If you are unsure, bring your item in so we can advise you on the best approach.

We can engrave on wood, brass, aluminum, pewter, acrylic and plastic.  If you have something you’d like engraved, bring it by our shop and we’ll take a look for you.